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Our Data Science Solutions - Masters of Data

We assist companies in making fact-based decisions by transforming their historical, real-time, conventional, and big data into usable information. Our solutions are designed to prepare your environment and raw data and enhance your company through next-level analytics. Use the Masters of Data – From data engineering to advanced analytics, MARRA Data provides solutions to transform your data into powerful assets for growth.

Supply Chain

We offer descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for all supply chain segments including planning, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, and transportation.

  • Orders fulfilment prescriptive
  • Transportation cost prescriptive
  • Loading prioritization prescriptive
  • Production optimization
  • Yield optimization
  • Raw materials planning
  • Parts inventory
  • Supplier evaluation

HR Data Analytics

Customized HR analytics strategies, Advanced analytical techniques to uncover hidden patterns, Predictive modeling to forecast future trends, Machine learning for optimization, and NLP to analyze and improve.

  • Predictive modeling for recruitment
  • Employee engagement analysis
  • Training and Development optimization
  • Attrition rate risk assessment solution
  • Measuring Efficiency and Profitability of employees

Marketing and Sales

Advanced insights into Customer Satisfaction, KPIs. Improvements opportunities identification, & Automations for Customer Centric decision making.

  • Customer Experience
  • Demand forecasting solution
  • Service Cloud
  • Forecast accuracy

Benefits Of Our Solutions

Our data science solutions help businesses achieve operational excellence and make data-driven decisions. From supply chain optimization to marketing analytics, we provide the insights you need to stay ahead. By leveraging predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analytics, we help you streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our tailored solutions ensure that each business function is optimized for maximum efficiency, whether it’s HR, sales, or logistics. With MARRA Data, you gain a competitive edge through comprehensive data insights and actionable strategies.